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The following shmitta alert is from the editor and consultations with rabbis dated December 19, 2007.

Israeli peppers are now on the market in the United States and Canada. These products have the status of Shmitta and should not be purchased. Links to information on shmitta.

Israeli oranges, grapefruits and persimmons are acceptable this year, but will have shmitta status next year because their flowering and most of their growth was during shmitta. Tithing information.

The following British shmitta update is from the London Beth Din on October 9, 2007.

This year is 5768 and is known as a "Shemitta Year". The Shemitta Year occurs every seven years and is a time when the land of Israel is left to lie fallow. We are therefore not allowed to work the land for profit and the produce which grows in Israel during this period takes on an added level of holiness. This means that it should not be used for commerce or consumed outside Israel.
At present we recommend checking all vegetables, herbs and any other produce that can grow from the ground to ascertain whether it is from Israel.
Such produce, if discovered, should be avoided.
Examples of products that are likely to be on the market already are:

    Cherry Tomatoes
    Fresh Herbs
    Pleasant Smelling Flowers
    Sweet Potatoes
If produce from Israel is inadvertently purchased, do not throw it away, rather contact the London Beth Din for further guidance. Other information on Shmitta can be found at www.kashrut.com/consumer/vegetables/#SCHMITTA.
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The information posted is from secondary sources. We cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

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