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The revised following yoshon alert is from the Chicago Rabbinical Councl and from Rabbi Y. Herman, editor of the Chodosh/yoshon guide. on November 26, 2007.

The Gefen Company asked that an urgent bulletin be issued. Two batches of Gefen barley, that went to the stores during the week of Nov 11, are NOT YOSHON. These have the codes of 10-22-09 and 10-29-09. Gefen had a contract with a company to store Yoshon barley to last the entire season. However, that company went bankrupt and the stock of Yoshon barley was liquidated. Gefen has not been able to secure replacement stocks of Yoshon barley. Therefore, until further notice, all Gefen barley with date code of 10-22-09 or later is Chodosh.

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