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The following kashrus notice is from the Kof-K and Star-K oisted on Feburary 3, 2008 based on a number of readers questions.

RC Bigelow, produces flavored teas which contain kosher Dairy ingredients, as well as products that are not certified kosher at all, due to the flavors that are used. Be sure to check the label to assure the kashrus status of the product. Any R.C Bigelow tea that contains dairy will have the KOF-K Dairy on the individual bag as well. Some mixed boxes of Bigelow teas contain kosher and non-kosher teas and/or dairy and pareve teas.
ed .note: Celestial Seasonings produces kosher pareve teas under the Star-K and dairy teas bearing the Vaad of Denver and the Star-D symbols.

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