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The following public notice is from the Rabbi Moshe Weiner of the Kosher Information Center (KIC) of Brooklyn, NY, relating to Kaporos on September 23, 2009.

It is the recommendation of the KIC with the approval and urging of Gedolai Torah, that the following guidelines for live chicken kaporos be instituted:

  1. Every Kaporo center be under a reliable Hashgacha, be it a Kehila or a recognized individual Rav. This entails the following responsibilities.
    1. Treatment of the chickens to minimize tzar baalay chaim.
    2. Proper handling of chickens to prevent problems that may cause treifos.
    3. Schechita
    4. Bedika
    5. Kashering
    6. Final distribution to aniyim/tzedakah institutions.
  2. Adequate control that live chickens are not being reused for other Kaporos.
  3. Enforcement of the proper separation of men and women, during the procedures is encouraged.
Public is urged to patronize only those Kaporos centers which abide by the above guidelines.

Ed note: A Kapposos guidelines poster prepared by Dr. Joe Regenstein, Cornell University and Rabbi Yosef Wikler, Editor, KASHRUS Magazine originally published in KASHRUS Magazine, July 2008 is linked to here (with permission of Kashrus Magazine).

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