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Consumer Kashrut Alerts

The following kashrus advisory is from the OK on November 17, 2008.

Please be advised that BENZ’S FOOD PRODUCTS Brooklyn, NY is no longer producing products under OK certification.
Ed. note: Benz’s is now producing products under OU or Star-K and Rabbi Babad

From the OK: "The following lots of Benz’s Gourmet brand Tuna Fish were produced under OK supervision, and are certified when bearing the OK P symbol on the label:

  • Benz's Gourmet Solid White Tuna 6 oz Can – Lot # U78N5SBNN 1NBG1 6803 KFP OKP TART K
  • BenZ's Gourmet Chunk White Tuna in Water & Salt 6/66.5 – Lot #U68N5CBNN 1PBG1 6803 KFP OKP TART K
  • BenZ's Gourmet Solid White Tuna in Water & Salt 6/66.5 – Lot #1069PN TCTH K T827 KP
  • Benz's Gourmet Chunk Light Tuna 6 oz Can – Lot # U78N2CBNN 10BFX 6803 KFP OKP TART K
  • BenZ's Gourmet Chunk Light Tuna in Water 6/66.5 – Lot # U68N2CBNN 1PBFX 6803 KFP OKP TARK K
Ed.note: older cans bearing the OK were also produced under OK certification.

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