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The following is the COR raisin policy dated Feb 5, 2009.

Over the last two weeks, there have been widespread reports of insect infestation in raisins. A few kashrus organizations in the USA have disallowed the usage and consumption of raisins in their certified products and for their constituents.
The Kashruth Council COR has conducted its own research and subsequently consulted with its Poskim (Halachic Authorities). The Kashruth Council's decision is to continue to allow the usage and consumption of raisins without further checking for worms or other insects. This opinion concurs with the opinion of many kashrus organizations across Canada and the USA, including the Orthodox Union (OU).
Please note that research into the matter is ongoing and further updates will be provided for any new developments.
One should always be careful to store raisins in cool, dry and clean environments so as to avoid any potential infestation.
For more information about raisins, please contact Rabbi Tsvi Heber at 416.635.9550 ext. 365.

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