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The following kashrus information is from the cRc on June 15, 2009.

The Chicago Rabbinical Council has published an alert to remind the public about the proper washing and inspection of leafy vegetables prior to use: "It is common to see certain leafy vegetables labeled as "triple washed". While this additional cleaning process may reduce the content of some undesirables such as sand or dirt, or possibly even some insects, it does not satisfy the halachic requirements necessary for the proper washing, removal and inspection of all insects in that produce. In fact, we are constantly finding high level of infestation in the “triple washed” bagged leafy vegetables."
One must do one of the following in order to meet those requirements:

  • Carefully follow the guidelines set by a kashrus agency that you respect to wash and check your leafy vegetables. Ed. note: Kashrut.com links to the cRc policy and that of other agencies at kashrut.com/consumer/vegetables/#WASHING.
  • Purchase those questionable leafy vegetables only if they are certified by a reliable kashrus agency.
  • Purchase those questionable leafy vegetables from a source that has a trained and reliable mashgiach checking that produce.

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