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The following clarification of the kashrus alert is from the KAJ on August 12, 2009.
"Our kashrus alert regarding the recall of Alei Katif products from California, is only pertinent to Alei Katif California grown vegetables and herbs. We also have Alei Katif products under our supervision from Ecuador and Israel, and those are NOT affected by the recall and may be consumed as till now without any problems whatsoever. Products from California have the words "California Grown" printed on the bag. In a few weeks we will resume production in California again and we will notify the public at that time."

The following kashrus alert is from the New Square on August 9, 2009.
Certain products from 'Alei Katif' grown in California, have been found to be infested with a type of infestation that rinsing and washing the product will not help. Consequently, we advise the public to refrain from using the mentioned brand from California until further notice.
P.S. “Alei Katif” products grown in E. Israel are not affected by this notice, and may be used as per the instructions on the bag.

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