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The following yoshon notice is from Rabbi Herman's guide to Chodosh and confirmed by the Central Rabbinical Congress on February 3, 2010.

"Until this year, the CRC-Hisachdus did not certify Yoshon, even for items under their hashgocho that had a Yoshon label. This policy has now changed. For all packaged foods with a CRC hashgocho for kashrus and a Yoshon label, the CRC hashgocho covers the Yoshon as well. The same holds for all establishments such as bakeries, pizza shops, etc that claim to be Yoshon and are under the CRC hashgocho for kashrus. This policy went into effect at the end of the summer, from the beginning of the current Chodosh season. Therefore, it covers all items on the market today. The CRC is also makpid on malt. They will not certify as Yoshon any item that may contain Chodosh malt."

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