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The following Chometz she'avar achar Pesach information is from the Chicago Rabbinical Council on May 15, 2014.

The cRc has verified that the only store in Ben Gurion Airport that does not buy or sell any chometz over Pesach and has properly sold their chometz for 2014 is the James Richardson Store at Gate D7.

The following Chometz she'avar achar Pesach clarification is from the Chicago Rabbinical Council on May 12, 2010.

The cRc wishes to clarify the kosher status of the duty-free shops located in Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.
Although all of the duty-free shops sell their chometz, as required by the Rabbanut, they continue to be open during Pesach selling chometz items. The exception to this is the duty-free shop located adjacent to gate D7, which not only sells their chometz for Pesach, but they also are very careful to only sell kosher for Passover products during Pesach.
Additionally, the duty-shop at gate D7 employs Shomrei Torah U'mitzvos to ensure that these strict guidelines are adhered to.

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