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Consumer Kashrut Alerts

The following South African kashrus alert is from the Beth Din of Johannesburg on November 29, 2010.

The following Aspen products are kosher-certified MILCHIK (with or without a BD logo):

  • Infacare 1
  • Infacare 2
  • Infacare 3
  • Infacare Anti-Reflux
  • Infacare Nurture AR
  • Infacare Nutrure HA Comfort
  • Infacre Nurture LF

The following Aspen products are kosher-certified only when bearing a BD logo:

  • Infacare Gold 1 (Milchik)
  • Infacare Gold 2 (Milchik)
  • Infacare Gold 3 (Milchik)
  • Infacare Soya 1 (Parev)
  • Infacare Soya 2 (Parev)

The following Aspen products are kosher-certified without bearing a BD logo, PRODVIDED THAT THEY ARE MANUFACTURED IN SOUTH AFRICA:

  • S26 1 (Milchik)
  • S26 1 Gold (Milchik)
  • S26 LF (Milchik)
  • S26 Promil 2 (Milchik)
  • S26 Promil 2 Gold (Milchik)
  • S26 Progress 3 (Milchik)
  • S26 Progress 3 Gold (Milchik)
  • SMA (Milchik)
  • Infasoy 1 (Parev)
  • Infasoy 2 (Parev)

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