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The following health alert alert is from the FDA on December 28, 2010.

J&D Produce announces precautionary, voluntary recall Of fresh greens because of positive tests for salmonella. All commodities are packed in red, white, and blue waxed cartons under the Little Bear brand. The individual bunches are banded, except for Diakon, using a rubber band or a twist tie identified by a flag tag that shows a little bear with a cowboy hat, a red handkerchief and a Texas flag. See Exhibit 1 showing Little Bear flag tags and bands. All products were distributed through retail stores and wholesale terminal markets.
The commodities have "pack dates' of either Nov. 30,2010, or December 6, 2010 and from experience these types of greens are sold, purchased by the consumer and/or eaten within about fourteen days from "pack dates"; however, if any consumer has any of these items in his or her possession the commodity(s) should be destroyed or returned to the store where purchased for a full refund.
To further ensure public health, additional produce commodities were recalled due to the possibility of cross contamination from having been run on the same packing lines as the curly parsley and cilantro. The Products Being Recalled, PLU/UPC Number, and Areas Where Distributed are listed below.

  • CURLY PARSLEY, PLU # 4899, Ontario, Washington. Massachusetts, Quebec, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Missouri, Rhode Island, New York, Texas, Ohio, Connecticut
  • CILANTRO, PLU #4889, Ontario, Massachusetts, Washington, Quebec, New York, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio
  • ARUGULA. PlU #4884, Ontario, Rhode Island, Texas
  • BEETS, PLU # 4539, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ontario, Wisconsin, Quebec, Texas, Illinois, Rhode Island
  • COLLARDS, PLU # 4614, Ontario, Texas, Wisconsin, Quebec, Michigan, Ohio
  • CURLY MUSTARD, PLU # 4616, Quebec, Texas
  • DIAKON, does not contain PLU or UPC, Ontario, New York, Texas, Quebec
  • DILL, PLU # 4891, Ontario, Massachusetts, Quebec, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Wisconsin
  • GOLDEN BEETS, PLU # 3273, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Texas
  • GREEN KOHLRABI, PLU # 4628, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Wisconsin
  • GREEN SWISS CHARD, PLU # 4586, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Rhode Island, Texas
  • KALE, PLU # 4627, Ontario, Quebec, Texas, Wisconsin, Montreal, Michigan, Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, Ohio, Toronto
  • LEEK, PLU # 4629 Texas
  • METHlLEAF, UPC # 664781 10500 4, Ontario, Texas
  • MINT, PLU # 4896, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan
  • PARSLEY, PLU # 4901, Ontario, Washington, Quebec, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut
  • RAINBOW CHARD, UPC # 66478140610 1, Illinois, Connecticut
  • RED SWISS CHARD, PLU # 4587, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Ontario, Quebec, Rhode Island, Texas
  • TEXAS MUSTARD, PLU # 4618, Oklahoma, Texas
  • TURNIPS WITH TOPS, PLU #4810, Texas, Michigan
  • TURNIP TOPS, PLU # 4619, Texas
For additional information, contact J&D Produce by email at: qa@littlebearproduce.com ; or by fax: 956-381-9732; or by phone at 956-380-0353.

The CFIA has recalled various Little Bear brand fresh greens on December 27, 2010. More information at www.inspection.gc.ca/english/corpaffr/recarapp/2010/20101227be.shtml.

The CFIA has recalled various Boncheff brand fresh herbs on December 25, 2010. More information at www.inspection.gc.ca/english/corpaffr/recarapp/2010/20101229e.shtml.

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