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The following kashruth advisory is from the OU on March 2, 2011.

OU Mashgichim checking the gut cavities of sardines have recently discovered what appears to be small white parasitic worms in and around the internal organs of some sardines (a separate issue from the krill in the stomach of some sardines from Canada).
This issue has been observed in some sardines from Portugal, and we are continuing to investigate the sardines packed in other countries. The Orthodox Union recommends that kosher consumers refrain from consuming sardines packed in Poland, Scotland, Norway or Portugal at this time, while we continue to research this serious concern. The following products currently appear to be free from all concern:

  • All skinless and boneless sardine products, regardless of country of origin
  • Product of Morocco,
  • Product of Philippines
  • Product of Thailand
The Orthodox Union continues to research the issue, and will advise upon the completion of our research.Bugles Original, General Mills, Minneapolis, MN: Please be advised that General Mills has discontinued OU-D kosher certification from all retail and foodservice sizes of Bugles Original products due to operational changes at the production sites. The OU-D symbol has been removed from packaging.

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