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The following kashrus alert and notice is from the Vaad of Denver on June 3, 2011.

Corn on the Cob: Recently, kashrus agencies have reported finding insects in corn on the cob. When the husk is removed, these insects scurry inside in between the niblets. Frozen corn on the cob and canned corn do not appear to have a problem.
Guidelines to preparing corn on the cob:

  1. Do not cook with the husk on.
  2. Do not barbeque raw corn. Cook it first.
  3. Remove the husks, wash the corn, and inspect well. Do not cook what has holes or is rotting.
  4. After cooking, check the water, especially the top of the water. If insects or worms are found there, discard the corn.

Ed. note (6/15/11): The cRc and Star-K have not found infestation in the corn that they examined.

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