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The following kashrus alert is from New Square posted on January 24, 2012.

Motzoi Shabbos ( Vo'airo),(January 7,2012) our Rabonim Shlit'a held a meeting with Rabonim Shlit"a from Monsey and Kiryas Yoel on the subject of the recent find of infestation in grapes. In addition, Mashgichim who specialize in this field, headed by our in-house mashgiach Rabbi Mendel Einhorn, presented before the Rabonim Shlit"a the facts as well as the results of their research on this issue in the last few months and pointed out to the Rabonim the actual infestation on the surface of Table Grapes.
We have determined that indeed infestation is present in all types of grapes. At times the infestation is severe, and at other times the infestation can be to a minor degree. However, there is no correlation between the severity or the infestation, or the lack thereof, to the country of origin or type of grape.
The Rabonim instructed the Mashgichim how to proceed further and continue with their research and investigations. At this time, there are too many variables and more facts and clarification are needed to enable the Rabonim to come to a Halachic conclusion with set rules and guidelines.
Consequently, for the time being, until there is further clarification and the research on this subject concluded, our Rabonim recommend to wash each and every grape by lightly scrubbing the entire surface (either by hand or with a sponge) under a strong stream of water.
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