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The following chodesh information is from Yoseph Herman on February 9, 2012.

The O-U has determined that wheat starch where listed in the ingredients of Cheerios cereals does not pose any Chodosh problems. This new finding only applies to wheat starch, not other wheat ingredients. It also only applies to wheat starch in the different Cheerios cereals, not the wheat starch in other General Mills cereals. Those wheat ingredients are still being investigated. Pending further information, we continue to assume that these other wheat ingredients, including wheat starch in non-Cheerios cereals, may be Chodosh starting a package date of Aug 22 '12. In addition malt, when used, could be Chodosh after a package date of Dec 22, '12.. The recently revised package date for oats in Cheerios cereals remains March 7 '12. Therefore, all Cheerios cereals that contains oats or oats plus wheat starch (but no other wheat ingredients, and no malt) have a Chodosh date of March 7 '12. Note that Multigrain Cheerios, Fiber 1 and other wheat containing cereals may be Chodosh as of a package date of Aug 22 '12.

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