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The following information on purchase of Chometz foods after Passover 2012 is from a number of sources. The stores listed are acceptable, unless otherwise noted. I have listed next to store the name the agency that listed that store on its list of acceptable stores to purchase chometz products at after Pesach. Please note that for some stores such as supermarkets the distributors are different in different parts of the country. Also different agencies have different standards as to what they accept, so stores utilizing the same distributor are treated differently by different agencies. Additional information will be added as it is received. (posted on April 19, 2012). Ask your own rabbi as to what to do in your area.

Information is from the following sources:
Chicago Rabbinical Council, Kosherquest.org, Star-K Rabbi Weiss, Detroit, Denver Vaad, Young Israel of Brookline, KosherLA, Capitol-K, Jewish Center of New York, (JCNY) and Oheb zedek NY: OZNY, Kof-K, RCC

National Stores
  • A&P (see *2, , JCNY, Kof-K)
  • Acme (Highland Park, Edison rabbis)
  • Albertson’s (Eidlitz, Denver, RCC)
  • Aldi’s (All Locations) (cRc, Detroit)
  • Big lots: (RCC)
  • BJ’s (All Locations) (Star-K, cRc, Capitol-K)
  • Bristol Farms: (RCC)
  • Coffee Bean (Eidlitz, Kosher LA, RCC)
  • CVS (All Locations)(Star-K, cRc, Eidlitz. RCC, Capitol-K)
  • Costco (All Locations)(Star-K, cRc, Eidlitz, Detroit, RCC, Capitol-K)
  • Dollar Tree Stores (All Locations) cRc
  • Family Dollar Stores (All Locations)(Star-K, cRc, Detroit)
  • Farm Fresh (Eidlitz, Detroit)
  • Dominick's (All Locations)(cRc)
  • Food Basics: (see *2, (Kof-K)
  • Food 4 Less (All Locations)(cRc, RCC)
  • Food Lion (Star-K, Capitol-K)
  • Gelson’s (Eidlitz, RCC)
  • Giant (see *1 | below for Baltimore); *2
  • Harris Teeter (Capitol-K)
  • Jetro / Restaurant Depot: (Kof-K arranged sale of Chometz, RCC)
  • Jewel (All Locations) (cRc)
  • K-Mart (All Locations) (cRc, Eidlitz, RCC, Star-K, Capitol-K, Detroit)
  • Kroger (All Locations) (cRc)
  • Longs Drugs (Eidlitz, RCC)
  • Mars (Star-K)
  • Nuts & More
  • OSCO Pharmacy (All Locations) (cRc)
  • Pathmark *2, Kof-K
  • Petco (Star-K, cRc, Eidlitz, Capitol-K)
  • Petsmart (Star-K, cRc)
  • Pet Supplies Plus (All Locations) (cRc)
  • Publix
  • Price Rite (*3 R. Teitz
  • Ralphs /Kroger (Eidlitz, RCC)
  • Rite-Aid (Star-K, Eidlitz, RCC, Capitol-K))
  • Royal Farms (Star-K, Capitol-K)
  • Safeway* (see below for Baltimore), *2, Eidlitz, Denver, RCC, Kof-K
  • Sam’s Club, Sam's Discount Supermarket (Star-K, cRc, Eidlitz, Detroit, RCC, Denver, Capitol-K)
  • Save A Lot (cRc)
  • Shaws/Star Market (YI of Brookline, KVH)
  • Seven Eleven (cRc :All stores in the Chicago & Skokie areas, Eidlitz, Denver, RCC, OZNY)
  • Shoppers Food Warehouse (Capitol-K)
  • Shop Rite (*3 R. Teitz
  • Smart and Final: (RCC)
  • Smith’s (Eidlitz, RCC)
  • Starbuck's (All Locations) (cRc)
  • Stop & Shop (YI of Brookline, KVH)
  • Superfresh (see *2,(Kof-K)
  • Target* (see *1 for Baltimore), also *2; (cRc: All Locations), Eidlitz, RCC, Detroit)
  • Trader Joe’s (All Locations) (Star-K, cRc, Eidlitz, RCC, Capitol-K, Detroit)
  • Vons /Pavilions (Eidlitz, RCC)
  • Waldbaum's (see *2, Kof-K
  • Walgreens (All Locations)(Star-K, cRc, Eidlitz, Detroit, RCC, Capitol-K)
  • Walmart (All Locations)(Star-K, cRc, Eidlitz, Denver, RC, Capitol-K, Detroit)
  • Wegman's (Star-K, Capitol-K)
  • Whole Foods Market, All Locations: (cRc, Eidlitz, Detroit, RCC, Detroit)
  • Winn-Dixie (Star-K, Capitol-K)

Local Stores

Baltimore, MD

  • All Star-k Establishments
  • A-Z Savings
  • Cocoaccinos
  • Cold stone Creamery
  • Dugan’s Liquor
  • Dunkin Donuts (1508 & 7000 Reisterstown Road)
  • Earth Origins Market
  • Maggie Moo
  • Me Latte cafe
  • 7-Eleven (Fords Ln, Hooks Ln, Old Ct Rd, Reisterstown Rd north of Slade Ave)
  • Savings Center (4003 Seven Mile Lane)
  • Seven Mile Market
  • Village Liquors
  • Van Gough Cafe Yoga Lada

Boston, MA (from Young Israel of Brookline: YIB), Orthodox Rabbinical Council of Mass.

  • Blacker’s Bakers
  • The Butcherie
  • Café Eilat
  • Catering by Andrew
  • Cheryl Anns
  • Grape Leaves
  • J.P. Licks
  • Jerusalem Pita & Grill
  • Kupel’s
  • Milk Street Café
  • Ora Catering
  • Rami’s
  • Rubin’s Deli
  • Rosenfeld Bagel Co.
  • Stop & Shop Bake Shop
  • Taam China I
  • Taam China 11
  • Chicago, IL from cRc
    • All cRc certified stores and caterers
    • The Animal Store (Touhy Ave., Lincolnwood, IL)
    • Anton's (Highland Park, IL)
    • Binny's Liquors (All Locations)
    • City Fresh Market (Devon & Kedzie, Chicago, IL)
    • Dempster Fruit (Skokie, IL)
    • Extra Value Wine & Liquor (Western Ave., Chicago, IL)
    • Garden Fresh Market (All Locations)
    • Jerry's Market (Milwaukee Ave. & Oakton, Niles, IL)
    • Lincolnwood Produce (Lincolnwood, IL)
    • Marketplace on Oakton (Skokie, IL)
    • Rosen's Drugs (Devon Ave., Chicago, IL)
    • Ted's (Devon Ave., Chicago, IL)
    • Treasure Island (All Locations)

    Denver, CO from www.scrollk.org

    • Altarnira
    • Amusmints
    • Baravian Bakery Enterprises
    • Bliss Caterers
    • Bonnie Brae Ice Cream
    • Crystal Kosher Cuts
    • Dining with Finesse
    • East Side Kosher Deli
    • Grapevine Wines and Liquor
    • Hammond’s Candies
    • Jerry's Nut House
    • King Soopers
    • Mashu Mashu Kosher Baked Goods
    • Millenson Catering
    • Mont Blanc Gourmet Hot Cocoa
    • Occasions by Sandy
    • Pete’s
    • Robinson Dairy
    • Rocky Mountain Foods
    • Rocky Mountain Spice Shalom Park
    • Singer Catering
    • Sweets Candy
    • The Bagel Store
    • The Liege Waffle Factory
    • Udi's Artisan Bakery
    • Udi’s Granola & Gluten Free Bakery

    Detroit, MI

    • All COR certified establishments
    • Fruitasia
    • GFS (Gordon Food Service)
    • Kroger
    • Meijer
    • Nutrifoods
    • One Stop Kosher Market
    • Randazzo
    • Save-A-Lot 11 & Greenfield and 9 & Woodward
    • Westborn

    Los Angeles area from kosherquest.org and RCC.

    • Cambridge Farms
    • Jon’s

    RCC: a Mechirah was done for the following establishments*4
      Sadaf / Soofer Company
    • Wine & Liquor Depot
    • West Pico Foods
      (*4 in accordance with Igros Moshe Vol.1 resp. 149 ; vol.2 resp. 91 and other Poskim. See Piskei Teshuvos 448-83)

    New York/New Jersey Area
    from Jewish Center of New York and Oheb zedek NY, Kof-K and Rabbi Teitz.

    • Associated (W 97th)
    • Broadways Farms
    • D'Agostino
    • Associated Mega Store
    • Duane Reade
    • Fairway
    • Food City
    • Food Emporium (see *2
    • Gristedes
    • H&H Bagels
    • Met Foods
    • Pathmark
    • Waldbaum’s

    Washington-DC area from the Capitol K

    • H-Mart – Han Ah Rum
    • Magruder’s (all)

    *1Baltimore Area, Please note: GIANT, TARGET, and SAFEWAY, in the Baltimore area, buy their food items from a Jewish distributor that does not sell its chometz. Therefore, chometz may not be purchased from these stores until four weeks after Pesach. One may purchase chometz from these stores beginning on the Sunday after Lag B’omer, May 13th, 2012. We do not have any information regarding these stores in other parts of the country. from www.star-k.com/kashrus/star-k12_pesach_directory.pdf

    *2: Rabbi Belsky has arranged the sale of the chometz for C & S, the Jewish owned distributor mentioned in the Star-K alert. C & S distributes to many of the grocery stores such as A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaums Food Emporium, Food Basics, Superfresh.

    *3 Rabbi Teitz arranged the sale for Shoprite (all stores, as well as the Wakefern purchasing arm).

    Ed. note: Check with your local rabbinical authority regarding establishments in your community.
    We do not have any information about establishments which are not listed.

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  • The information posted is from secondary sources. We cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

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