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The following Yoshon information regarding gluten-free foods is from the the Rabbi Yoseph Herman on June 24, 2013.

Contrary to popular belief, even gluten-free foods require Yoshon certification.

  • Oats are gluten free unless they are contaminated by other source of gluten. According to FDA government standards, items may be labeled “gluten free” so long as they contain less that 20 parts per million of gluten. In fact it is possible to purchase gluten-free wheat flour (!) from which the gluten has been chemically reduced below the FDA limit.
  • Gluten is only one component of grains such as wheat. Other wheat-derived components which may be free of gluten may be used in some foods.

Oats and wheat, of course, may be Chodosh after the new harvest starts. Therefore, do not assume that "gluten free" automatically means "Yoshon".

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