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Consumer Kashrut Alerts

The following health alert is from the FDA on October 7, 2014.

Goya de Puerto Rico, Tradewind Foods de Puerto Rico Inc. is recalling the following products due to a possible can seam defect that may compromise the integrity of the product:

  • Goya Black Beans Frijoles Negros 15.5 oz (439g); Lots A2466 8 BB 06/21/18 and Lot A2466 8 BB 08/06/18
  • Goya Whole Green Peas Chicharos 15.5 oz (439g); Lot A2461 8 BB 07/09/18
  • Pink Beans sold under two brand names Goya and Jibarito (see labels description below) Goya Pink Beans Habichuelas Rosadas 15.5 oz. (439g) El Jibarito Habichuelas Rosadas 15.5 oz. (439g); ots A2406 8 BB 07/12/18; A2406 8 BB 08/07/18; A2406 8 BB 08/09/18; A 2406 8 BB 08/14/18, A2406 8 BB 08/14/18(6 pack); A2406 8 BB 09/05/18; A2406 8 BB 09/16/18; A2406 8 BB 09/10/18; and A 2031 8 BB 08/14/18 (rosadas pink}-jibarito)
  • Goya Chick Peas Garbanzos 15.5 oz. (439g); Lot A2422 8 BB 07/11/18
  • Goya Red Kidney Beans Habichuelas Coloradas 15.5 oz. (439 g); Lots: A2402 8 BB 08/08/18; A 2402 8 BB 09/05/18 and A2402 8 BB 04/02/19
  • Goya Pinto Beans Habichuelas Pintas 15.5 oz. (439g); Lot A2437 8 BB 08/09/18
  • Goya Small Red Beans Habichuelas Coloradas Pequenas 15.5 OZ (439g); Lot A2420 BB 09/06/18

These products were distributed domestic to Puerto Rico and USA (NY,MA,NJ,TX,IL,FL,GA,CA,VA) and Internationally (Aruba, Curacao,Virgen Gorda, Angilla, Antilles, Saint Barts, Dominica, St.Vincent, Barbados, Saint Marteen, Saint Thomas, Monserrat, Grenada, Antigua, Tortolo, Nevis, St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Johns, and St. Croix)

Ed. note: Not all products mentioned may be kosher

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