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The following chodesh information is from Rabbi Yoseph Herman on January 19, 2015.

"I sent out a reminder last week that since January 15 has passed, even items that contain malt for which dating codes are not known should no longer be purchased without verifying that the malt they contain is Yoshon. (Note that the safe purchase date of Jan 15 did not apply to beer. That date for beer was Nov 15.)"
Pretzels almost always contain malt for flavoring and coloring. That means that most pretzels may be Chodosh by now. However the malt in LIEBERS pretzels is always Yoshon, making these pretzels Yoshon. The mashgiach, Rav Weissmandl has determined that this uses malt that is Yoshon, made from dextrose or corn, as opposed to the usual malt made from barley."

The following chodesh information is from Rabbi Yoseph Herman on January 15, 2015.

The Chodosh Guide had recommended that all items that contain malt, for which the dating code is not known, may be purchased assuming that the malt is Yoshon up to the purchase date of Jan. 15. After that date, one should seek confirmation that the malt is Yoshon. (Note, as mentioned in the Guide, that malt in baking flour, is not a problem according to some poskim.)

  • Liebers pretzels may contain Chodosh malt. We expect more details about this within the next few days.
  • B'Gan/Eden breaded cauliflower is Yoshon.
  • Kineret brownies are Yoshon.
  • Pride of the Farm cookies and Cream ice cream is Yoshon.
  • Items produced under the hashgocho of Chug Chasam Sofer of Bnei Brak are Yoshon, even if produced outside of Israel, for example, Turkey. (Note, this applies only to this hashgocho from Bnei Brak)

The Guide incorrectly stated that items from wheat or oats produced in Canada are Yoshon at least up to Sept 22. This is not correct.
The free .pdf version of Guide to Chodosh for the year 5775 is available by sending an email to chodosh@sefer.org.
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