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The following shmitta information and clarification is from the the editor on January 22, 2015.

Shmitta, When do Fruits take on the status of Shmitta?

This year 5775 is a shmitta year in Israel. It is a mitzvah to not till the land from Rosh HaShana till the evening before the next Rosh HaShana. Vegetables in the marketplace have started growing during the shmitta year had have the status of shiviis.

Migdaltorah.org stated the "Fruits get the staus of shiviis whey the bud duing the shiviis year. As such, there are no restrictions on the purchase of fruits until the end of winter. Slowly, as these fruits are used up, fruits with Kedushas Sheviis will enter the commercial marketplace."
Kashrut.com has links to articles from a number about Shmitta as well charts published by the London Beth Din and the Star-K at www.kashrut.com/consumer/vegetables/#SCHMITTA . The London Beth Din lists the first fruits being shiviis as peaches and nectarines in February. We don't typically see Israeli peaches and nectarines in the US. Grapefruits, oranges and persimmons will attain the shivvis status in September or October, 2015. Dates in the market will have the shivvis status in August, 2015.

Information on terumah and ma'aser is at www.kashrut.com/consumer/vegetables/#TITHING

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