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Consumer Kashrut Alerts

The following Canadian kashrus advisory is from the COR on April 20, 2015.

Due to manufacturing changes, please be advised that the following Kellogg’s cereals sold in Canada have had a status change from "Pareve" to "Dairy Equipment (DE)":

  • Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes
  • Brand Buds
  • Corn Pops (all varieties)
  • Froot Loops
  • Mini-Wheat Crunch
One should be in the habit of always checking a product’s kosher symbol to verify its kosher status and designation.
For more information about the implications of Dairy Equipment (DE), please click here.

From the Rabbinical Council of New England: Froot loops and Corn pops are still Pareve in the USA. In the US most mini-Wheats are NOT kosher, due to gelatin.

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