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The following Israeli kashrus alert was reported by Haaretz with additonal information from the OK on August 24, 2015.

"In Israel, a company named IBBL Spirits is the official importer of Johnnie Walker (and many other alcoholic products) and is authorized by Diageo, the British multinational alcoholic beverages company that owns the Johnnie Walker brand."
"Another Israeli importer, Paneco Group, has been importing and selling Johnnie Walker (in particular the Black Label edition, and at a lower price). The bottles it sells bear a label stating the whiskey is kosher and under the OK's supervision, and has the approval of the Chief Rabbinate." This turns not to be the case according to the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.

From the OK: OK Kosher Certification will only stand behind the kashrus of the Johnnie Walker products when bearing the label shown here and showing the distributors name – IBBLS (Israel Beer Breweries Ltd).

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