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The following information on chodosh is from Rabbi Y. Herman on September 10, 2015.

"The following urgent bulletin has just been received from the OU:
The oats used in General Mills cereals has been Chodosh from most factories since the packaging date of Aug 3. (There is one factory that is later, Aug 15. We will issue a new bulletin when we find out the factory code for this factory.) This means that all Cheerios and other General Mills cereals that contain oats will have a Chodosh "Best if used by" date on the package of Aug 10 2016. This development took the staff the OU and General Mills by surprise since no one can remember having such an early Chodosh date from General Mills.
We are still waiting for an update on the Chodosh starting date on Quaker oat meal and other oats products. Meanwhile, the general starting date estimate for oats being Chodosh in cereals is being scaled back from Sept 1 to Aug 4.
More information will be posted as we receive it. Please note that it was the fear of such unexpected developments has been holding up the publication of the first issue of the Guide to Chodosh, which otherwise is ready to go to print."

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