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The following South African kashrus alert is from the Beth Din of Johannesburg on September 11, 2015.


Pomegranates available at KOSHER WORLD and at FRESH FELLAS are approved by the Beth Din subject to the conditions below:

All Israeli fresh fruit which is currently available in South Africa, even under the ‘heter mechira’ is to be regarded as having Kedushat Shevi’it (sanctity of the seventh year).
Any Israeli vegetables should be avoided if at all possible. [Please note: 'Israeli Tomatoes' are locally grown and are not a product of Israel]
Purchasing the fruit, when buying from a Jew, should be done by credit card, not a cash payment.
The Terumot and Ma’asrot (Ma’aser Rishon and Ma’aser Oni) must be separated but without a b’rachah [Please see the UOS website under ‘Produce of Israel’].
The fruit must be eaten in the way they are generally eaten locally, as follows:

  • Edible fruit must not be given to non-Jewish guests or animals.
  • Fruit that is usually eaten cooked (such as cooking apples) must not be eaten raw.
  • Fruit that is usually eaten raw (such as an orange) must not be cooked.
  • Fruit that is eaten both raw or cooked can be eaten either way.
  • Juice may only be extracted from fruit where this is normal practice, for example: oranges, apples or even pomegranates, but it is prohibited to extract juice from fruit where this is unusual.
  • Leftovers, peels etc. which are still edible for either humans or animals must be wrapped first and only then be disposed of in the usual manner.
  • If the fruit is cooked in a soup for example and adds flavour, all the food must be regarded as having Kedushat Shevi’it.
  • Ensure that the fruit is consumed before the time ofbiur*, i.e. not beyond January 2016.
*A period when there is no longer any such produce in the fields.
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