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The following kashrus advisory is from the Rabbinical Council of New England on September 11, 2015.

The Wholesale bakery of Finagle a Bagel is and has been certified by the KVH for many years, however none of their retail locations are Kosher.
A advertisement has been distributed in the Jewish community notifying of a sale on bagels & other prepared foods.
Please note: all items are being sold in sealed packages - and only those items with a KVH Symbol are certified. Specifically Bagels & Challah are the only products we certify when baring a KVH Symbol.
Remember! it is important to always verify products purchased are certified by checking for a reliable Kosher symbol, a current Kosher Certificate is on display in Food Service Establishments, and Event Specific Kosher certificate is present at every Certified Event.
The above statement is true even when purchasing food from or in a establishment that is known to be Reliably Kosher.

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