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Kosher Standards on Kosher Spirits Continue to Evolve

Based on the findings of a recent AKO Liquor Committee Meeting, the cRc has decided to update the following liquor policies, as follows:

  • Tequila: Unflavored tequila, regardless of class and category, is recommended without hashgacha unless the label indicates that it was aged or finished in wine casks.
  • Rum: Unflavored rum, regardless of color or class, is recommended without hashgacha unless the label indicates that it was aged or finished in wine casks.
  • Canadian Whisky: Canadian Whisky is recommended only if it is known to only contain kosher ingredients or has reliable certification.
  • Gin: Standard gin is recommended without hashgacha (even when containing juniper berries and other botanicals) unless the label states that it is produced from grapes, wine, milk, lactose, or whey. Special attention should be paid to gin from France, New Zealand, and Australia. Flavored gin (e.g. Lemon-flavored gin) requires hashgacha. Sloe Gin is a liqueur and requires certification.
  • Beer: The current beer policy remains the same but please be aware that flavored beer requires hashgacha, even if only flavored with spices, botanicals, and fruit.

The preceeding information is from the Chicago Rabbinical Council on January 26, 2016.

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