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Baskin Robbins Pink Bubble Gum Ice Cream is now kosher

The Star-D is certifying Baskin Robbins. All products are dairy, Cholov Stam.

  • Rocky Road Ice Creams and any other flavors containing miniature marshmallows are NOT kosher.
  • Pink Bubble Gum Ice Cream is now kosher when bearing a Star-D.
  • Decorations on store made custom built cakes and loose toppings in individual stores are NOT under the Star-D certification and must be checked individually by the consumer.
  • The products certified are Ice Cream, Frozen Dairy Desserts, Whipped Topping, Soft Serve Ice Creams, Ice Cream Cakes, Frozen Yogurt, Novelty Items, Sherbets, Sundae Bars, Ices/Sorbets, and Pre-packed items from these categories, when bearing the Star-D symbol.

Additional information: Baskin Robbins Pink Bubble Gum Ice Cream is a seasonal flavor, and will be available beginning in March.

The preceeding information is from Star-D updated January 28, 2016:

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