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Kashrus alert on Kahlua liqueur produced in Mexico

August 23, 2016: From the Beth Din of Johannesburg:

Due to a change in formulation Kahlua is no longer kosher wherever it is produced or bottled.
Old stocks of Kahlua which were produced and bottled in Mexico and which were purchased before 1st April 2016 may be used.
Additionally, each bottle of Kahlua bears a Lot Code which is usually printed on the bottom on the label on the back of the bottle. This Lot Code consists of the letter L followed by 4 digits and some more letters and numbers. If the 4 digit number following the L is less than 6060 and the Kahlua was produced and bottled in Mexico, it may be used even if purchased after 1st April 2016.

Kashrus alert on Kahlua liqueur produced in Mexico

April 18, 2016 From the Cleveland Kosher:
Fropm The KMD (Kashrut Maguen David) of Mexico: Effective April 1, 2016 Kahlua liqueur is no longer produced under KMD certification.

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