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Kashrus information on Monday Night Brewery

May 25, 2016 from the Atlanta Kashruth Commission:
We are proud to announce that Monday Night Brewery is now AKC certified! Any of their year round beers including: Slap Fight, Nerd Alert, Blind Pirate, Fu Manbrew, Drafty Kilt and Eye Patch Ale are now Kosher Certified whether in a bottle, can, or by draft! The beer is Kosher even when not bearing an AKC symbol.
Although regular beer does not require a hechsher, beers produced in microbreweries or that have flavors added, do. Feel free to show Monday Night Brewery that it was worth going Kosher, and that they are appreciated by the community, by buying their beer. These beers can be purchased at Kroger, Publix, and many other locations.

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