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Ma’adanei Miki Expands Its Salmonella Recall

August 24, 2016: YeshivaWorld:
Last week, the Ma’adanei Miki Company that produces smoked fish products and salads announced a recall following the detection of salmonella. Last week’s recall addressed packages of its smoked salmon packaged for institutional use. The company now announces that “to be safe” it is expanding the recall as follows:

Production Date Expiration Date

  • July 3, 16 Feb. 27, 17
  • July 5, 16 March 1, 17
  • July 7, 16 March 3, 17
  • July 14, 16 March 10, 17
  • August 2, 16 March 29, 17
  • August 4, 16 March 31, 17

Anyone with questions is advised to call the Miki Salads consumer line at 1-700-50-55-40 or email services@mikideli.co.il

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