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Kosher Advisory Gefen Chulent Beans

November 17, 2016 from the OU:

Gefen Chulent Bean Mix, Gefen Foods, Bayonne NJ: Some bags of Gefen brand Chulent Mix with the UPC# 710069035003 and with a Best By dates ranging from 8/18 to 10/18 were found to contain insects. The Orthodox Union and Gefen requested that possibly affected product should be withdrawn from the marketplace and corrective actions are being implemented.
Under proper storage conditions, it is unusual to find infestation in these products sold in the United States. The kashrus procedures at Gefen meet the highest kashrus standards. However, consumers should be aware that legumes and grains could develop infestation when stored in warm conditions. To determine whether legumes or grains are possibly affected, spread them evenly on a white surface and visually inspect them under good light prior to use.

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