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Rich Products Corporation Issues Nationwide Allergy Alert on Undeclared Walnuts in Certain Ice Cream Cake Products

December 21, 2016 - from the FDA:

Rich Products Corporation in Buffalo, NY, is voluntarily recalling approximately 6,600 cases of ice cream cake products because they may contain undeclared walnuts.
The affected Ice Cream Cakes were sold to distributors and in-store retail bakeries nationwide.
The products listed below are included in the recall. The UPC code can be found at the bottom of each label, and the Best By date codes can be found on the side of each individual cake unit’s package:

  • 4 LB 8 OZ Jon Donaire Ice Cream Layer Cake (Deliciously moist white cake with rich, creamy strawberries & cream ice cream)
    • UPC Code: 049800 047761
    • Best By: JUN-27-17, JUL-15-17, JUL-23-17, JUL-28-17, AUG-27-17
  • 4 LB 13 OZ Signature Select Vanilla Ice Cream & White Cake (Ice Cream Cake)
    • UPC Code: 021130 114641
    • Best By: JUN-26-2017, JUL-18-17, AUG-01-17
  • 4 LB 8 OZ Jon Donaire Ice Cream Layer Cake (Deliciously moist white cake with rich, creamy vanilla ice cream)
    • UPC Code: 049800 024533
    • Best By: JUN-25-17, JUL-23-17, JUL-29-17
  • 4 LB 8 OZ Jon Donaire Ice Cream Layer Cake (Deliciously moist white cake with rich, creamy vanilla ice cream)
    • UPC Code: 049800 628786
    • Best By: JUL-29-17
  • 60 OZ Rich’s ¼ Sheet White Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream Cake
    • UPC Code: 049800 290013
    • Best By: OCT-20-17, NOV-01-17

    Rich Products Corporation has not received any reports of adverse reactions associated with these products and has issued this voluntary recall action as a precautionary measure.
    The recall was initiated after Rich’s discovered that the ice cream cake layers supplied by a third party supplier may contain walnuts. Rich’s is currently working with the supplier to address the issue and has notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of this voluntary recall.
    Consumers who have purchased the specific recalled products are advised not to consume them and to return the products to their point of purchase for refund. Consumers with questions may contact Rich’s Helpline at (800) 356-7094, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00 pm EST.

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