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Misc. South African newly certified products

March 15, 2017: From the Beth Din of Johannesburg:

  • Pressed Juice Co. is newly under the Beth Din.
  • Mr Spice range is newly under.
  • The following Uber Drinks are Kosher and Parev: Apple & Cinnamon Rooibos Ice Tea, Mango & Vanilla Rooibos Ice Tea and Honey & Lemon Rooibos Ice Tea.
  • The following Toni Glass Collection of Teas products are certified and Parev: Ice Teas – Berry Baobab, Choc Chip Ginger, Kiwi Cucumber & Mint, Lemongrass, Coconut & Ginger, Melon Gogi Green, Sugar Free Ice Tea – Lemon Balm & Jujube, Litchi & Lime, Mulberry Marula, Sweet Apple Gooseberry, Silken Bag Tea Range – Chocolate & Hazelnut, Exotic Plum, Ginger, Rooibos Cranberry.
  • The following Earthshine products are Kosher and Parev and do not require a Beth Din logo: Kale Chips (Cheezy Herb 25g, Moroccan 25g, Zesty Chilli 25g), Flax Crackers (Flax Duo: Plain, Salted, Mediterranean, Mixed Seed, Red Onion and Chive), Activated Granola/Muesli (BerryBlast Activated Granola 250g, Crunchy Cacao Activated Granola 250g, Moringa Baobab Activated Granola 250g, Nutty Mesquite Activated Granola 250g, Berry Blast Activated Snack 30g, Nutty Mesquite Activated Snack 30g, Crunchy Cacao Activated Snack 30g, Moringa Baobab Activated Snack 30g, Luxury Fruit & Nut Muesli 350g), Florentine Big – Chocolate Cacao – (Fruit & Nut 60g, Original 55g), Florentine Mini – Chocolate Cacao – (Minty Buchu 35g, Original Dark Chocolate 35g, Turkish Rose 35g), Cacao Cookie (Almond & Fig, Cashew & Pineapple, Macadamia Nut & Date), Seed & Nuts (Activated Almonds 350g, Activated Buckwheat 350g, Activated Cashews 350g, Activated Pumpkin Seeds 350g, Activated Sunflower Seeds 350g, Activated Superseeds (Tamari) 350g, Activated Snack Almonds 20g, Activated Snack Cashews 20g, Activated Snack Pumpkin Seeds 20g, Activated Snack Sunflower Seeds 20g, Activated Snack Superseeds (Tamari) 20g, Savoury Seeds & Nuts Oak Aged Miso, Savoury Seeds & Nuts Spicy Thai.
  • Reminder: Please note that only the varieties of Bos Ice Teas listed on the website are certified; be sure to have a look if the certification is for both cans and bottles or only one. Bos Ice Teas in tetrapacks should not be used.

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