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OU Kosher Advisory Arnold’s Bread

April 24, 2017 from the OU:

Arnold's Various breads, Bimbo Bakeries USA
The Orthodox Union does not certify dairy breads. Recently, many breads manufactured by Bimbo Bakeries USA, including some Arnold brand breads, were reformulated and now contain dairy. As a result, breads that were previously certified by the Orthodox Union no longer carry the OU Symbol. Consumers should look for the OU symbol to ascertain that a product is kosher.

April 26, 2017 From Bimbo Bakeries: The following Arnold Products will remain Kosher:

7341000304 Brick Oven Big Slice White
7341000500 Brick Oven White 2lb
7341001260 Light Whole Wheat
7341001388 Light Whole Wheat 2pk
7341002250 Stoneground Wheat
7341002570 Classic Honey Wheat
7341002572 Classic 100% WW
7341002654 Classic Potato
7341003200 Plain Rye
7341003202 Everything Rye
7341003205 Seeded Rye
7341003209 Marble Rye
7341003210 Melba Rye Seeded
7341013552 Steak Rolls 6pk
7341013980 Classic Italian
7341016140 Hearty 100% WW Hamburger Rolls 8pk
7341016141 Hearty White Hamburger Rolls 8pk
7341016142 Hearty Seeded Hamburger Rolls 8pk
7341016299 New England Style Hot Dog Rolls 16pk
7341016330 Select Top Sliced Hot Dog Rolls 8pk
7341016332 Hot Dog Rolls 8pk

List of Arnold certified products. Each product must bear an OU:

Brand: Arnold Premium Brand: Arnold Select

List of products list of Arnold’s breads which are no longer OU Certified or are no longer being produced is here

Ed. note: Consumers contact Bimbo Bakery at 800-984-0989 to express their concerns about this loss of supervision and the change in the product formulation.

April 24, 2017 from the ORB - Updated Information on Arnold's Breads:

Bimbo Bakeries, which manufactures several brands of sandwich bread, rolls, and pastries, including Arnold's Breads, has reformulated at least one of their bread recipes. Because the OU does not certify dairy breads nor breads made on dairy equipment, the OU will no longer appear on many Arnold's items.

Arnold's dinner rolls, hamburger buns, and hot dog buns are manufactured on different equipment, are unaffected by this change, and therefore will retain the OU's supervision.

For a complete list of breads and other bakery products made by Bimbo, see www.bimbobakeriesusa.com/brand.

The bakery is responding to consumer complaints about the reformulation. Consumers should contact Bimbo Bakery at 800-984-0989 to express their concerns about the reformulation and consequent loss of OU supervision.

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