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July 5, 2017 from the http://www.uos.co.za/kashrut/openAlertUpdate.asp" target='UOS'>UOS:

  • Newly certified
    • All Faircape Long Life Milk is kosher when bearing the Beth Din logo.
    • Woolworths medium fat cream cheese[1] is Kosher when bearing the Beth Din logo.
  • Packaging Errors (Corrective measures implemented)
    • Pick n Pay rusks are marked as Parev, should be Dairy.
    • Dairymaid Mega ice-creams are marked as Parev, should be Dairy.
    • Nestle Rolo ice-creams are marked as Parev, should be Dairy.
    • Fiesta chips[2] are marked as Parev, should be Dairy.
    • Schwarma Co. Tahini is not Kosher certified.
    • Fruitime Aloe Grape Juice 500ml with a hechsher is not Kosher.
  • List changes and updates
    • Woolworths yoghurt’s formula has been changed, only Kosher when bearing a Beth Din logo.
    • Ghost Pops are Kosher Dairy.
  • Did you know?
    • Bomas Shwarma Resto Bar (Shwarma shop across from Genesis) is under new ownership. Their food is unbelievable; you have to try it out!!!!
    • Any plain, uncoloured and unflavoured pasta manufactured in Italy is acceptable[3]. This ruling does not apply to potato gnocchi or gluten free pasta[4].
  • Please note:
    • The Kashrut standard of Franjelicas has not changed. Franjelicas continues to offer a range of Dairy and Parev meal options. The only Non Mehadrin Parev item on the menu is Tuna Fish.

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