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South African Kosher Alert - Sauce-A-Licious Burger & Chip Sauce

March 6, 2019: From the Beth Din of Johannesburg:

The manufacturer of Sauce-A-Licious Burger & Chip Sauce has incorrectly labelled the product with a BD sticker that says parev. It, in fact, contains dairy ingredients. The use of our logo on this product was unauthorised and the company has been cautioned regarding their error and have rectified it.
However, if you have used this product with meat vessels, they would not require kashering. The reason for this is that the dairy component in this product makes up only 0.514% it is therefore battel - halachikly insignificant as the proportions are less than 1/60th. Nevertheless, it is the Beth Din policy not to certify any product as parev that contains dairy - even in small proportions.
Please note that all Sauce-A-Licious products bearing the South African Beth Din logo are Kosher certified.

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