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Pretzel Stand Takes Down Hashgacha after Rabbi Makes a Scene

July 5, 2019 from a reader from the Jewish Press:

"On Sunday, June 30, the Pretzel Factory – a etzel stand at Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY inally removed its hashgacha certification letter, onths after it expired."

"Many frum Jews, reportedly, had been buying od from the stand since the certification’s expira- on in February, relying on the hashgacha certifi- cation, not realizing that was no longer valid."

The Jewish Press reported that Rabbi Yaakov Spivak told them that he went there on Sunday made a fuss and got the staff to take the kosher letter down.

KASHRUS ALERT: Pretzel Stand At Palisades Mall With Expired Hashgacha Selling Treif

June 30, 2018: From the Yeshiva World:

"It is a booth that is located in the Palisades Mall called the Pretzel Factory. It has a hashgacha that expired back in February of 2019, and now, this food booth is selling Treif Hot Dogs."

"People see the hashgacha and do not realize that it is expired and that it does not apply to the treif hot dogs. While the Kashrus certification does have a disclaimer stating that only the items listed are kosher – there are dozens of frum people that are purchasing the hot dogs."

"The Kashrus letter states: The following are certified Kosher: the lemonade, the cola, the smoothies, mustard and marinara sauce. The following items are Kosher Dairy: all pretzels, the coffee, and the following dips: Vanilla icing, Chocolate icing and the caramel dip. The Cheese Dip is NOT certified Kosher. Any item not listed here is NOT certified kosher. This certification for the above items at the Pretzel Factory, Palisades Mall, Nyack, NY shall be valid until February 3, 2019, at which time it is subject to renewal. It is signed by Rabbi Yaakov Spivak."

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