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Insect Infestation alert - Somerfield Farms blueberries

August 16, 2019 from the CRC:

The cRc has been conducting extensive research on the infestation of blueberries and has been finding a very high rate of infestation in non-organic Somerfield Farms blueberries. These blueberries are being sold at some of the local Chicago supermarkets and should be avoided at this time.

Insect Infestation alert - Organic Blueberries

August 12, 2019 from the CRC:

While regular blueberries fresh must be rinsed well in water and a cursory inspection for maggots is needed, organic blueberries have been found to be very infested and the cRc recommends that they should be avoided altogether. U-pick farms are using less pesticides than commercially sold berries. Therefore, the cRc recommends that berries from a U-pick farm should be soaked and agitated vigorously in a solution of water with soap or veggie wash before use. Additionally one should cut open a handful of blueberries to check if there are any worms present.

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