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The following kashrus alert is from the Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis (OV) on December 2, 2014.

Dierberg’s Brentwood Pointe store ONLY –Effective December 1, 2014
Please be informed that Dierberg’s has decided to discontinue OV kosher certification of the in-store bakery products made at the Brentwood Pointe location. This affects the in-store produced baked goods only. Dierberg’s Central Bakery products available at the Brentwood Pointe location continue to bear OV certification.
Dierberg’s West Oak in-store bakery remains under OV certification.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4777

The following kashrus alert is from the Vaad of Flatbush on Decmeber 2, 2014.

"The Vaad Hakashrus of Flatbush does not endorse any Passover programs by Club Kosher. Any use of the Vaad's name or symbol or the use of Rabbi Meir Goldberg's name in any media, either printed, electronic mail or information posted on their website is unauthorized".

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4776

The following kashrus alert is from the Oregon Kosher on December 1, 2014.

The company pictured "Veritas," has made fraudulent use of our kosher symbol on their coffee products, and possibly other products as well. Oregon Kosher has no connection to this company, and the company is certainly not under our supervision.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4775

The following kashrus alert is from the OU on November 28, 2014.

The Orthodox Union certifies The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Apricot Coconut Bar, The Good Bean Inc., Berkeley CA as an OU D - Dairy product. This product contains dairy ingredients as indicated in the ingredients and allergen statements. Some labels were printed with a plain OU symbol. Corrective measures have been implemented.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4774

The following peanut allergy alert is from the FDA on Novemember 24, 2014..

The Kroger Co. is recalling Private Selection Denali Extreme Moose Tracks Ice Cream sold in 48-ounce containers with a "sell by" date of April 16, 2015 under the following UPC Code: 11110-00456 sold in 13 states because it may contain peanuts not listed on the label.
Stores in the following states are included in this recall: Bakers stores in Nebraska; Dillons stores located in Kansas and Missouri; Gerbes stores located in Missouri; Fred Meyer stores located in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington; Food 4 Less stores located in California and Nevada; King Soopers and City Market stores located in Colorado and Wyoming; Ralphs stores located in California; Smith’s stores located in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming and QFC stores located in Oregon and Washington.
Not included in this recall are Kroger, Food 4 Less (Chicago), Fry’s stores and Smith’s stores located in Arizona and New Mexico.
Dillons, Fred Meyer, QFC, King Soopers, City Market, Ralphs, Food 4 Less (west coast), Bakers, Gerbes and Smith’s removed items from store shelves and initiated a customer recall notification system that alerts customers who may have purchased recalled Class 1 products through register receipt tape messages and phone calls.
Customers who have questions about this recall may contact Kroger toll-free at 800-KROGERS (800-576-4377).

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4773

The following health alert is from the Food Manufacturing on November 18, 2014 and recall issued by the FDA with additional informition at Specialtyfood.com on Novemember 26, 2014..

Acme Smoked Fish Corp. said Tuesday that it is voluntarily recalling 564 pounds of Imported (Product of Denmark) Acme 4oz. (113g) smoked salmon with a lot code of L.05122014.
The company says the salmon was distributed to Giant Food of Landover, Maryland, which operates supermarkets in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and D.C.
The contamination was noted after testing by the Virginia Department of Agriculture, which found Listeria in one package.
Consumers are urged to return the product to the store or discard it. Information about refunds can be obtained from Acme at 1-800-221-0795.

From Specialtyfood.com: "The recall impacted one lot of products distributed to retailer Giant Food of Landover, Md., and the supplier worked with the retailer to remove the products from its supermarkets in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia" "The affected items were imported as finished products from Denmark" with nothing made in the Acme facility.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4762

The following kashrus alert is from the OU on November 25, 2014.

Hummus 21, 1055 1st Avenue, New York NY, (near 57th Street) printed fliers with the OU mark. The Orthodox Union does NOT certify Hummus 21. Corrective measures have been implemented.
Ed. note: The restaurant is under the supervision of the International Kosher Council (IKC).

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4772

The following Mexican kashrus alert from KMD Mexico translated by Rabbi Moshe Peretz on November 23, 2014 .

The London Berry store located at the second level of the Liverpool´s gourmet area in the Paseo Interlomas in Mexico City´s suburb of Interlomas claims to have KMD supervision. This claim is false, and KMD is taking the necessary steps to stop their false advertising campaign.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4771

The following kashrus notice is from the the Atlanta Kashrus Commission on November 24, 2014.

Pita Palace has reopened as a kosher restaurant under AKC supervision.

The following kashrus alert is from the the Atlanta Kashrus Commission on October 14, 2014.

Pita Palace 1658 Lavista is no longer under akc supervision.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4718

The following kashrus alert is from the IKC in response to a reader's question on November 24, 2014.

Trader Joe's Maple Walnut Blondies are mislabeled with the IKC Kosher symbol without a D.
This product is under IKC supervision, but it contains butter and is kosher dairy.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A4770
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