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Chometz after Passover 2016

The following information is from a number of sources. There are also different opinions so I am posting the information with its source. Be reminded that in many communities, there is not a problem with chometz achar Pesach in the local kosher store whose chometz has been sold by the local vaad or rabbi.

  • New York: STATUS OF STORES TO SHOP IN AFTER PESACHfrom Congregation Ohab Zedek This list current as of April 12, 2016
    You Can Shop in the Following Establishments All chains listed on this grid are owned by non-Jews:
    7 Eleven Duane Reade Target
    A & P Food Emporium Trader Joe’s
    Associated Gristedes Waldbaum’s
    BJ’s Wholesale Club Key Food Walgreen’s
    Costco Pathmark Walmart
    CVS Rite Aid Whole Foods
    D’Agostino Sam’s Club Westside Market
    1. Barzini’s, Fairway, and Fresh Direct have Jewish ownership and their chametz was sold. Please ask about these establishments as they were open during Pesach.
    2. Jewish Owned Establishments that sold only Passover products during Pesach.
    3. Limitations after Pesach apply only to the purchase of chametz. You can purchase non-chametz items, including kitniyot, in any Jewish Owned Establishment immediately after Pesach.
  • Los Angeles:From Kosherquest.org:

    A Jew may buy from the following stores immediately after Pesach:
    7-ElevenGelson'sSmart & Final
    99 cent storeJetro/Restaurant DepotSmith’s
    AlbertsonsJon’sTarget (in California)
    BevMoK-Mart Trader Joe’s
    Big LotsNuts & MoreVons / Pavilions
    Bristol FarmsPetcoWalgreens
    Coffee BeanPetsmartWalmart
    Dollar Tree,
    ErewhonSadafWine & Liquor Depot
    Fresh & EasySam’s ClubWhole Foods

  • Boston Area: From Young Israel of Brookline
  • Washington-DC area from the Capitol K
    Chametz may be purchased from the following stores immediately after Pesach 2016:

    Ed. note: Check with your local rabbinical authority regarding establishments in your community.
    We do not have any information about establishments which are not listed.

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