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Chometz after Passover 2014

The following is a list of stores for which I have information regarding purchase of Chometz foods after Passover 2014. This list is from a number of sources. Some of the stores are non-Jewish owned and have their own distribution system, so there are no problems in purchasing chometz from them. A large number of stores in the Northeast use a Jewish owned distributor for many of their grocery items in some parts of the country. Rabbi Belsky has arranged the sale of the chometz for this distributor (see *2), however this has not been accepted by the Star-K (see *1) or the OU. Please note that the kosher food distributors sell their chometz and the "haimishe" branded products are acceptable to be purchased at these stores after Passover. The fresh breads are placed in the stores by a distibutor who specializes in these items. Ask your own rabbi as to what to do in your area. I do not have information on the stores that are not listed. (Information posted on April 27, 2014.)

National Stores

Local Stores

Baltimore Area
Information is from the Star-K on April 3, 2013. ( *1:

Boston, MA
Information from Young Israel of Brookline (YIB), Orthodox Rabbinical Council of Mass., Rabbinical Council of New England.

Chicago, IL
Information from cRc

The following Chicago area stores are either owned by gentiles or have arranged to sell their chometz for Passover. Please check with your local kashrus agency for details regarding stores outside of the Chicago area.

Detroit, MI
Information from Koshergram.

Los Angeles area
Information from kosherquest.org and the RCC..

New York/New Jersey Area
Information from Jewish Center of New York, Oheb zedek NY, and Rabbi Teitz.

*1From the Star-K: "Please note: Target and Safeway in the Baltimore area buy their food items from a Jewish distributor that does not sell its chometz. Therefore, chometz may not be purchased from these stores until four weeks after Pesach. One may purchase chometz at these stores beginning on the Wednesday after Lag B'omer, May 1, 2013. We do not have any information regarding these stores in other parts of the country."

*4 OU's position on mechira

*2: Rabbi Belsky has arranged the sale of the chometz for C & S, the Jewish owned distributor mentioned in the Star-K alert. C&S distributes to the following stores in the Northest/Mid-Atantic, Northern Florida, California: Fresno, Sacramento, Stockton, Southeast: Aabama , South Carolina & Hawaii

*3 Rabbi Teitz arranged the sale for Shoprite (all stores, as well as the Wakefern purchasing arm).

Ed. note: Check with your local rabbinical authority regarding establishments in your community.
We do not have any information about establishments which are not listed.

Information on chometz after Passover

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