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Passover Kashrut Alerts

Alert concerning Kosher Cook knives sold at Jewel

March 26, 2018, - From Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis:

Since many St. Louisans shop at Jewel in Chicago, the Rabbanim Achrayim of the Vaad Hoeir asked that the following cRc alert be posted:
Please be aware that Jewel was selling knives and peelers from the Kosher Cook company that printed (in Hebrew) "naaseh b'baalus yehudi - ein tzarich tevillah”. This statement would be true if these items would not have left Jewish ownership at any time. However, once a non-Jew (or even a partnership of a Jew and non-Jew - such as with Jewel) takes possession of the knife, if a Jew purchased it afterwards he will be required to toivel the knife. Please note that once alerted to the issues, Jewel pulled these items from the shelves, but for all those that have already purchased them it is important to toivel them before further use.

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