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Passover Kashrut Alerts

Newer Passover Alerts

South Africa: Kashrus alert Mediterranean Delicacies Salmon Pate

April 12, 2016 from the Beth Din of Johannesburg
Please be aware that Mediterranean Delicacies Kosher for Passover salmon pate is incorrectly labelled as Parev. The product is Milchik and is Chalav Yisrael.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0448

Passover Alert for Chocolate Emporium, OH Cranberrry Products

April 7, 2016 - from Localjewishnews.com:
All Chocolate Emporim Passover Chocolate Covered Cranberries purchased from March 28, 2016 to 2 pzm on April 7, 2016 should not be eaten on Passover. There may be potential kitniyos issu with them. Consumers can return products to the store for a refund or exchange, (This includes candy tray arrangements, candy rounds and bulk candy pouches.) All other Passover products are not problematic.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0447

Passover information on Flax and Hemp

March 28, 2016 - from Kosherquest.org:
Flax and hemp (whole grains only) may be used on Pesach. They should be purchased from manufacturers that do not process Chometz grains also. These grains should also be carefully checked before Pesach for any residue.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0444

Passover information on Acetum Balsamic Vinegar

March 27, 2016 - from Kosherquest.org and the Star-K:
Star K certified Acetum Balsamic Vinegar does NOT require a "P" (Pesach) designation for use on Pesach

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0443

Reissued Passover alert on mislabeled Fresh Direct Peanut Butter

From the OK Kosher Certification on February 2, 2015 and reissued March 30, 2016:
Fresh Direct freshly ground smooth peanut butter and freshly ground smooth almond butter mistakenly bears the OK-P kosher symbol. The Fresh Direct website correctly lists these products as OK pareve certified for year round use. This product is kosher pareve, but is NOT kosher for Passover.

The JSOR said these products are also not recommended for Passover for Sephardim.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0399

Ashkenazim: Be aware of Matzah Ashira products

March 23, 2016 - From the Kosherquest.org:

Caution should be used when buying Matzos to be sure that they are no in the category of "Matzah Ashira". Some brands that produce Matzah Ashira are; Aviv, Hagada, Holiday, Horowitz Margareten, Jerusalem, King Star, Manischewitz, Matzot Carmel, Osem, Rishon, Shibolim, Shoprite, Yanovsky and Yehuda. Some types of Matzah Ashira include:

Ashkenazim: Be aware of Passover products containing kiniot

March 23, 2016 - From the Kosherquest.org:

Be alert for products on the shelf this year that bear a Hashgacha for Pesach that include Kitniyos. The O/U and the Star-K among others have given Hashgacha to many Kitniyos products. The symbol is "O/UP – Kitniyot" or Star-S. Ashkenazic Jews and Sephardim, whose minhag it is to NOT eat Kitniyos, should be aware of the growing number of Pesach products available that contain Kitniyos and are reserved only for those Sephardic Jews whose minhag it is to eat Kitniyos on Pesach.

Ed. reminder: Check every package for the appropriate Passover designation. Non-Passover products can also be mixed in with the Passover ones.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0441

Certain Ancient Harvest Quinoa Products Usable for Passover without the "P"

March 2, 2016 - From the Star-K:

The following Ancient Harvest Quinoa products are usable for Passover without Passover certification on the package:

  • Inca Red Grains Quinoa
  • Tricolor Grains Harmony Blend Quinoa
  • White Grains Traditional Quinoa

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0440

Info on whether Various Meat Products are Usable for Passover without Passover certification

Feb. 22, 2016 - From the OU in response to a reader's and the editor's questions:

  • Meal Mart ground beef should not be used on Pessach unless it bears an OU-P.
  • Solomon Ground Beef can be used for Passover with just an OU and without a Passover symbol.
  • Solomon Brisket can be used for Passover with just an OU and without a Passover symbol.
  • Raw Unprocessed Meat: Kosher Symbol required. Kosher for Passover without special certification when raw and in original manufacturer's packaging, excluding ground, which in some cases may not be acceptable for Passover.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0439

Palermo First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not Kosher for Passover

Feb. 8, 2016: From the Star-K in response to the editor's question:
Palermo First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil bears an unauthorized Star-K P.
This product is not certified for Passover and is not usable for Passover.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Passover/PAlerts/?alert=P0438
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