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Commercial Kashrut Alerts

The following health alert is from the FDA on October 22, 2014.

Michael Foods, Inc., MN has voluntarily recalled Shell Eggs packaged under the following labels because the shell eggs are contaminated with Pseudomonas fluorescens:

Code Info (1) AbbotsFord Farms, Product No.: 14616-64000, Lot Nos.: 4143W, 4150W, 4157W, and 4171W. (2) AbbotsFord Farms, Product No.: 14616-64010, Lot No.: 4136W. (3) Papettis, Product No.: 46025-86990, Lot Nos.: 4131W-4144W, 41417W-4150W, 4153W-4157W, 4160W-4164W, 4168W-4172W, 4174W-4176W. (4) Glenview Farms, Product No.: 58108-62234, Lot Nos.: 4131W, 4139W, 4147W, 4153W, 4160W, 4167W, and 4174W. (5) Crystal Farms, Product No.: 75925-00032, Lot Nos.: 4135W, 4142W, 4149W, 4156W, 4163W, 4170W, and 4177W. (6) GFS, Product No.: 93901-26545, Lot Nos.: 4132W, 4140W, 4148W, 4154W, 4161W, 4168W, and 4175W.
Distribution Pattern: Nationwide distribution. No product was distributed to foreign, military, or government facilities.

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