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The Jewish Holiday Kitchen: 250 Recipes from Around the World to Make Your Celebrations Special by Joan Nathan
From the award-winning cookbook author and host of the PBS series "Jewish Cooking in America" comes 250 delicious recipes for main courses, soups, appetizers, breads, and desserts.

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Healthy Jewish Cooking by Steven Raichlen
The bestselling maestro of low-fat cooking makes the cuisine that gave us chicken soup healthier than ever.

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Light Jewish Holiday Desserts by Penny Eisenberg
Many of these recipes are so delicious, home cooks will want to prepare them year round. But come high holidays, these recipes are sure to impress family and friends.

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The Low-Fat Jewish Cookbook: 225 Traditional and Contemporary Gourmet Kosher Recipes for Holidays and Every D ay by Faye Levy
When people think of Jewish cooking, "low fat" aren't usually the first words that come to mind. But now, thanks to The Low-Fat Jewish Cookbook, kosher food doesn't have to mean fattening food. Using simple combinations of accessible ingredients, renowned cookbook author Faye Levy creates delicious, healthful dishes that meet all of the guidelines for keeping kosher.

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Shabbat Shalom: Recipes and Menus for the Sabbath by Susan R. Friedland
From the author of the classic The Passover Table comes the first cookbook devoted exclusively to the Sabbath meal, with over 175 traditional and contemporary recipes and menus.
The Sabbath stands at the center of Jewish life, its ceremonies inspiring both an affirmation of a family's faith and a renewal of its own common ties. Partaking of the Friday night meal and the two others commanded for Shabbat has always been honored as a mitzvah, a joyous observance drawing upon a rich heritage of Jewish food and celebration.

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The WORLD OF JEWISH COOKING: More Than 500 Traditional Recipes from Alsace to Yemen by Gil Marks
Designed to be the cornerstone of every Jewish kitchen, a substantial collection of kosher recipes from two dozen communities around the world also includes holiday dishes and lore about the history of Jewish food throughout the ages.

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The World Of Jewish Desserts: More Than 400 Delectable Recipes from Jewish Communities by Gil Marks
More than 400 delectable recipes from Jewish communities from Alsace to India.

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Olive Trees and Honey: A Treasury of Vegetarian Recipes from Jewish Communities Around the World by Gil Marks

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Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food by Jeff Potter

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Green Market Baking Book: 100 Delicious Recipes for Naturally Sweet & Savory Treats by Laura C. Martin.
This book has quite a few recipes that are usable for the kosher baker and cook.

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