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Consumer Kashrut Alerts

OU Kosher Advisory - Costco Kirkland Butter

July 19, 2017 from the OU:

Kirkland Butter, Costco Wholesale Corporation:
The Orthodox Union certifies Kirkland Signature Butter as an OU D - Dairy product. The OU D symbol was inadvertently omitted from some Costco Kirkland Butter. The OU D symbol is being ink jetted with the date code on affected product.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A6002

Canadian Food Recall Warning - Yoplait Minigo brand and Liberté brand yogurt pouches recalled due to the potential presence of pieces of plastic

July 20, 2017 - from the CFIA:

General Mills Canada Corporation is recalling Yoplait Minigo brand and Liberté brand yogurt pouches from the marketplace due to the potential presence of pieces of plastic. Consumers should not consume the recalled products described below.

Brand Name Common Name Size Code(s) on Product UPC
Yoplait Minigo Strawberry Yogurt 4 x 90 g pouches 2017 JL16
2017 JL22
2017 AU01
2017 AU07
2017 AU13
2017 AU19
0 56920 48953 1
Yoplait Minigo Raspberry Yogurt 4 x 90 g pouches 2017 JL16
2017 JL23
2017 JL31
2017 AU07
2017 AU20
0 56920 48954 8
Liberté Greek Yogourt Raspberry 2% 4 x 120 g pouches 2017 JL16
2017 JL29
2017 AU11
2017 AU19
2017 AU25
0 65684 47963 4
Liberté Greek Yogourt Coconut 2% 4 x 120 g pouches 2017 JL16
2017 JL21
2017 JL29
2017 AU11
2017 AU19
0 65684 48901 5

Check to see if you have recalled products in your home. Recalled products should be thrown out or returned to the store where they were purchased.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A6001

Maryland confirms papayas contaminated with Salmonella

July 20, 2017 - from the Food Safety News and the Maryland Department of Health:

The Maryland Department of Health is warning consumers to not eat Caribeña’s brand yellow Maradol papayas because they could be contaminated with salmonella bacteria.
The Maryland Department’s Laboratories tested five yellow Maradol papayas, recently collected at a Baltimore retail location, as part of an ongoing Salmonella case investigation. Three of the five yellow papayas tested were confirmed to be contaminated with Salmonella. The source of this contamination has not yet been identified but could have occurred at any point in the supply chain. Further investigation is under way to determine the point of contamination.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A6000

Kashrus information on Ruyh's Vegeterian Restaurant in Florence, Italy

July 19, 2017 from the IKC & the Jewish Community of Florence:

The IKC has been certifying Ruth's since May.

Kashrus alert on Ruyh's Vegeterian Restaurant in Florence, Italy

July 12, 2017 from the Comunità Ebraica di Firenze:

"Please note that Ruth's kosher vegeterian restaurant in Florence's Italy is no longer under the supervision of the Jewish community and /or it's chief rabbi. The kashruth certification of the community and its Rabbi is not valid any longer since last three months."

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A5989

Kashrus alert on Mislabeled O Organics Duet Bites & Mini Palmier

July 18, 2017 from the KORC in response to information from a reader:

"O Organics Duel Bites and Mini Palmiers are Dairy products. A printing error omitted the dairy designation on the kosher symbol on the initial lot. That is being corrected. The current products on grocery shelves should be treated as dairy products, as is obvious on ingredient list".

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A5998

Garden of Light Inc. Recalls Woodstock Organic Matcha Vanilla Oats Because of Possible Health Risk

July 18, 2017: The FDA and :

Garden of Light, Inc. dba Gluten Free Solutions of East Hartford, CT, is voluntarily recalling the Woodstock Organic Matcha Vanilla Oats, 1.8 oz. which is manufactured by Garden of Light for Blue Marble Brands. The product has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.
The product comes in a 1.8 oz. paperboard cup with a green laminated film lid. The UPC Code is 0-42563-01786-6. The product is marked with the Best Buy Date Code of “SELL BY MAY 11 2018” on the bottom of cup.
A second lot with the Best Buy Date Code of “SELL BY JUNE 23 2018” was intercepted before released to the general public.
The potential for contamination was noted after the ingredient supplier, Hudson Valley Farms( HVF), Inc. notified Garden of Light, Inc. of potential contamination of one of the ingredients. The potential contaminated ingredient was thoroughly tested and was negative for Listeria. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem, however, out of an abundance of caution, Garden of Light, Inc., notified Blue Marble and is recalling the Woodstock Organic Matcha Vanilla Oats. The production of the product has been suspended while the company continues to investigate the source of the problem.
Consumers who have purchased 1.8 oz. cups are urged to destroy the product and bring the purchase receipt to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Blue Marble Brands at (888) 534-0246, M – F between 9 am and 5 pm, or at www.woodstock-foods.com.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A5999

Kashrus alert on various cheeses at the Stop & Shop in Freehold, NJ

July 17, 2017 from the OK:

Stop & Shop Cheese (Variety), Stop & Shop, Freehold, NJ 07728 have an UNAUTHORIZED USE OF OK KOSHER SYMBOL:
A limited number of cheeses at the deli counter of Stop & Shop (160 Village Center Drive, Freehold, NJ) were labeled with an unauthorized OK symbol. These cheeses are NOT KOSHER. Corrective actions were taken.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A5997

Kashrus alert on Dimitria Delights - Broccoli Pita Pies & Spinach Pita Pies

July 14, 2017 - From KVH Kosher:

Please be aware that the following products are still on the market from an old production:

  • Dimitria Delights - Broccoli Pita Pies
  • Dimitria Delights - Spinach Pita Pies

While these were made in a completely kosher facility, the broccoli and spinach do not meet current standards for Bedikas Tolaim. Until further notice, these products should not be consumed, even if they bear the KVH symbol.

All current Dimitria Delights products meet the highest standards of Kashrus.

We will inform the public when new production of these items takes place.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A5996

The Latest on Oreo Cookies

July 14, 2017 from the OU Daf HaKashrus Vol. 22 / No. 9:

At the present time the following Oreo Sandwich Cookies do not contain dairy ingredients, though they are manufactured on dairy equipment:

  • Original Oreo Sandwich Cookies
  • Oreo Double Stuf Sandwich Cookies
  • Oreo Original Mega Stuff Sandwich Cookie
  • Mini Original Oreo Sandwich Cookies
  • Chocolate Oreo Sandwich Cookies
  • Golden Oreo Sandwich Cookies
  • Triple Double Oreo Sandwich Cookies
  • Oreo Thins Sandwich Cookies

The equipment is not necessarily cleaned before the production of these cookies, and there may be a small amount of dairy residue present. Nonetheless, the dairy component would be minimal, and from a Halachic perspective, the dairy residue is nullified (botel bishishim) and of no consequence. The bottom line of all this is that these cookies may be consumed after meat and poultry, but not simultaneously.
Please bear in mind that the manufacturer may choose in the future to reformulate these products and add dairy ingredients. Since these products already bear OUD symbols, formulation changes would not be reflected in the OUD logo. As such, we recommend that consumers check regularly with our office to confirm the status of these items.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A5995

OU Kosher Advisory – Entenmann's

July 13, 2017 from the OU:

Entenmann's Pastries, Bimbo's Bakeries, USA:
Most of the product line is certified as OU-D Dairy. A few items are not certified and do not bear the OU-D symbol. Consumers should always check each item when purchasing to verify that there is a kosher symbol on the product. Never assume because one product of a brand name is certified, that the rest of the brand is also certified.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/Alerts/?alert=A5994
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