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The following insect infestation alert is from the MK on December 26, 2013.

We hereby with to advise that the peels of garlic have been found to be infested. Prior to using garlic. remove both the outer peel and the individual peel from each clove. The garlic must be rinsed well and should not be peeled near food. Whole (unpeeled) garlic may not be used.

Chestnuts must be cracked open and examined for infestation, they should be discarded.

The following insect infestation alert is from the Insect Inspection Lab based on Rabbi Veye on December 15, 2013.

Garlic from USA, Chile and China have been inspected by The Insect Inspection Lab who found mites, possibly thips and other insects in all varieties of garlic including elephant garlic. The insects were found between the layers of the outer peels ad on the inner skin between the skin and garlic clove.
Cleaning Method:

  • The edible clove itself is not infested, but caution should be used peels shouldn’t come in contact with food.
  • Use caution when peeling. Peel on surface that won’t come in contact with food.
  • Don’t use garlic unpeeled (e.g. pickling or crushing garlic cloves with skin still on).
  • After peeling, rinse clove.
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