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Kashrus information regarding Irish Whiskey

March 7, 2017 - From the cRc liquor list:

Many Irish Whiskies are aged in casks that previously held sherry, sauterne, port or other wines. Others have special “finishes” or multiple “maturations” that include wine. All of these practices raise kashrus concerns. The cRc policy is that Irish Whisky is permitted unless the label states that it is aged in a wine cask, has a special finish, or an extra maturation (as noted above). Consumers who wish to adopt this stance should read the label of each bottle before using it, and avoid wording such as double or triple finish, double or triple matured, dual casks or finish, European or French casks, Madeira finish, port, sauterne, or sherry. The cRc listings of recommended Irish Whiskies follows a stricter standard than the one listed above, and only includes Irish Whiskies that are certified and/or are known to not have any contact with wine or wine casks.

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