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Liquor list updates from the Chicago Rabbinical Council:

February 15, 2018 - The following information is from the cRc:

"In honor of Chodesh Adar the cRc is happy to share with the kosher consumer the latest additions to the cRc’s liquor list. The full list, which includes these additions, can be found at www.crcweb.org/LiquorList.pdf." (ed note: Kashrut.com has links to liquor lists from a number of kosher agencies at https://www.kashrut.com/articles/liquor2:

Newly Certified: BEER: Angel City, Assorted Varieties (Star-K logo required), Cobra, King, Premium, Zebra (KLBD logo required), McKenzie River, Assorted Varieties (OU logo required), Traveler Beer Co., Assorted Varieties (Star-K logo required). BRANDY: Boukha Bokobsa, Fig Alcohol (OU-P logo required). GIN: Dripping Springs, Gin (HKA certified), Empress, 1908 (Kosher Check logo required). OTHER: Ginger Tipple, Assorted Varieties (OK-P logo required), Truly Spiked & Sparkling, Assorted Varieties (OK-P logo required). RUM: Richard Distilling, Assorted Varieties (AKC logo required), Cruzan, Black Strap Rum- Dairy (OU-D certified). SAKE: G Sake, Assorted Varieties (Oregon-K logo required), Momokawa, Assorted Varieties (Oregon -K logo required), Moonstone, Assorted Varieties (Oregon -K logo required). SCOTCH: Bowmore, No.1 (KLBD logo required). TEQUILA: Cava, White Tequila (OU-P logo required). VODKA: Dripping Springs, Vodka (HKA certified), 3 Kilos, Vodka (OU-P logo required), David’s Harp Vodka, Citron Lemon Flavored (OU-P logo required), Peacock, Vodka (OU-P logo required), The Metropolitan Martini Co., Vodka Martini (OU-P logo required), Zachlawi, Assorted Varieties (OU-P logo required), Barton Naturals, Vodka, (cRc logo required), Rodrigues Markland Cottage, Sedna Vodka (COR logo required).

Newly Recommended (Not Certified): Beer: Goose Island, Four Star Pils, Ommegang, Art of Darkness, BPA, Gnomegang, Hop House, Soothsayer. IRISH WHISKEY: Bushmills, Red Bush. SCOTCH: Ancoc, 16 Year Old, Balvenie, Peat Week 14 Year 2002 Vintage, Kilchoman, 2006 Vintage (5 Year), 2007 Vintage (6 Year), 2008 Vintage (7 Year), Old Pulteney, 12 Year Old, Noss Head, Speyburn, Bradan Orach.

 Newly Non-Recommended: AMERICAN WHISKEY: Clyde Mays, Whiskey, Slaughter House, American Whiskey. BEER: Mackeson, XXX Triple Stout Milk Beer, Sweetwater Brewing, All Varieties, Branchline Brewing Co., All Varieties, Summit Brewing, All Varieties, Veil Brewing Co. , All Varieties. BOURBON: Angel's Envy, Bourbon, Jim Beam, Distiller’s Masterpiece, Kelsey Creek, Unflavored (Only acceptable if purchased before Pesach 1992/5752), Rock Hill Farms, Unflavored (Only acceptable if purchased before Pesach 1992/5752), Straight Edge, Bourbon, Trader Joe's, Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey, Zackariah Harris, Unflavored (Only acceptable if purchased before Pesach 1992/5752), CANADIAN WHISKY, All Varieties (Reliable Hechsher Required). IRISH WHISKEY: Bushmills, Black Bush, Kilbeggan, Single Grain Irish Whiskey. RYE: Basil Hayden's, Dark Rye. SCOTCH: Glengoyne, 21 Year Old, Glenlivet, 25 Year Old, Ardbeg, An Oa, Auchentoshan, 12 Year, Bowmore, 10 Year Old, Bruichladdich, 16 Year, First Growth Series, CUVÉE "C", Buchanan’s, 18 Year Special Reserve, Glenfarclas, 21 Year Old, 25 Year Old, Glenfiddich, Project XX, Winter Storm, Glenlivet, 21 Year Old, Highland Park, Magnus, Jura, 10, Kilchoman, 2009 Vintage (8 Year), Speyburn, 10 Year Old.

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