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The following answer to questions was from the Star-K Keeping You Kurrent January, 2002.

Can a consumer purchase fresh-brewed flavored coffees from uncertified coffee shops and assume that it is kosher since the consumer-packed coffees are certified kosher?
When purchasing fresh-brewed flavored coffees from coffee shops one CANNOT ASSUME that this coffee is the same product that is sold in a sealed kosher certified consumer package bearing the shop's name. Consumers have to determine the following:

  1. Are the coffee beans and flavor syrups properly marked with a reliable kosher certification?
  2. Even though some flavored coffees are certified, are you sure that all the varieties sold at this establishment are certified kosher?
  3. Do the creamers, flavored and regular, bear reliable kosher certification?
  4. Are the carafes/pump pots used exclusively for kosher coffees, or do they interchange between kosher and non-kosher?
  5. Are the coffee cups, stirrers, etc., disposable?
If you answered YES to all of the above, you may drink the coffee..
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